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凱西嚴選所代表的除了我的手作料理,也會推出各種嚴選產品,大家可以直接跟我訂客製化的單,台式麵包,吐司,大蒜麵包,芋頭酥,綠豆糕,蛋黃酥, 比利時鬆餅,果醬。日後有日式飯糰等等. 凱薩琳的手做料理一定是材料嚴選用心製作的好料理。所有產品送到客戶嘴裡的,也一定是能給我家小孩吃的, 雖說不是所有材料都是有機,但一定是自己能夠自己做出來的就一定自己做。


譬如說蛋黃酥裡面的紅豆是日本紅豆自己炒出來的,芋頭餡也是自己調製出來的,綠豆糕當然也是自己做出來的,並不是像市售很多是從外面材料行買材料組合起來。豬油我都是自己煉的,肉鬆也是我自己炒的,做吐司的奶油也是用歐洲的奶油,麵粉也是沒有漂白過的,牛奶和蛋都是有機的,希望大家在品嚐的同時, 也看得到我的用心。

Our Story

Founded in 2020 by Kathryn Tang, Kathy's Choice is committed to serving up delicious baked goods to all of our customers. Each unique product provides a delightful experience with a variety of styles from continental Europe to Eastern Asia.

Kathy's Choice is dedicated to using simple and fresh ingredients like organic eggs and organic milk to ensure each customer is satisfied. Our European-style products use wild yeast we cultivate ourselves for maximum flavor to make artisan breads such as our popular baguettes. As for our Asian breads, Kathryn has been making her signature soft and fluffy Hokkaido milk bread for years, and we are proud to present the perfected version to our customers. It can be used for sandwiches, avocado toast, or even just savored on it's own to enjoy each fluffy, cloud-like bite. 

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About the Brand

From the Designer

My very talented friend, Kathy, is finally taking her passion to a new career adventure: handmade Taiwanese-style pastry! Those delicious mouth-watering desserts bring me back to my childhood memories. I was so excited to be part of her branding creation process. Not only do I have so much fun taking photographs of the pastries, but I also love crafting the brand to bring her personality to life.

During the COVID time, she generously offered me many different tastings. Every time I went to her house to pick up her yummy goodness, she was always in her apron. That image has made a great impression on me, that is what sparks my creations for the look n' feel. Kathryn is such a warm and caring person, I used the handwriting style font to match her authentic personality. Hope you like the design. I know you will love her delicious handmade goodies.

More pictures of her amazing handmade foods.


好喜歡 Kathy 的手作美食,從在無聊漫長的2020年到現在,品嚐無數她做的美食,口口都吃的出她的用心。我吃到的不只是美味的麵包、也是懷念的家鄉口味。

設計她品牌的概念很簡單,因為每次看到Kathy 時候,她都穿著圍裙,細心的講解她這次做的心得。特別選了手寫的字型,就像她本人一樣,真實而溫暖。她現在還開始做歐包,努力不懈的試作跟改良,外皮酥脆,裡面柔軟又有嚼勁。真是佩服。誰不會為一個這樣有才華的朋友而驕傲呢!?

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